Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Battle for Volgograd IV (A Battletech Reunion)

When I was in high school I ran a mercenary BattleTech campaign for my 2 best friends using the map boards from the Squad Leader game. It was great fun, and we played BattleTech probably more than any other game back then (even D&D).

Well recently I got the bug to run BT again, and contacted my two old friends, so this Sunday I will be running a massive combat using the maps from Red Barricades (ASL historical campaign). The planet is Volgograd IV and the city is the port of Stalinsky (see what I did there?). I developed the force for both sides (House Kurita - the Nefarious Nine / House Davion - Jason & the Argonauts) which consist of 1 Command Mech / 1 Fire Lance / 1 Recon Lance (so 3 heavy mechs, 3 medium, and 3 light per side).

I plan to write up an after action report next week after we play - I have not been this excited about playing a game in a long time.

The map (complete with plexi-glass to hold the map sheets in place):

Here are the rosters (apologies to those on G+ for using your name...):

CommandJagermechJM6-STrey CauseyDr. Wu2,427
FireMarauderMAD-3RHumza KazmiMastadon3,556
FireCrusaderCRD-3REvan ElkinsRed Fang2,913
FireDervishDV-6MAnthony PicaroBlue Snaggletooth2,513
FireTrebuchetTBT-5NMichael MoscripThe Sword2,170
ReconHatchetmanHCT-3FChris KutalikSteely Dan2,270
ReconPantherPNT-9RRobert ParkerDeacon Blue1,776
ReconValkyrieVLK-QADennis HigginsDirty Work1,436
ReconWaspWSP-1ACole LongKid Charlemagne929
CommandCatapultCPLT-C1Jason SholtisOdeysseus3,162
FireWarhammerWHM-6RPeter RobbinsAchilles3,486
FireRiflemanRFL-3NJeremy DuncanAjax2,395
FireHunchbackHBK-4GBilly ComptonDiomedes2,334
FirePhoenixhawkPHX-1Rey MandrinanNestor2,190
ReconVindicatorVND-1RJames AuldsAeneas2,375
ReconJavelinJVN-10NDavid L. JohnsonPandaros1,447
ReconCommandoCOM-2DScott MoberlyGlaukos1,098
ReconSpiderSDR-5VMikah McCabeHera1,459

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let's create random fighters for Nightwick!

I created a random generator for Evan Elkins' Nightwick Abbey campaign, this generates a random fighter for the game.

Random Fighter for Nightwick

Thursday, January 8, 2015

St. Valentine Festival - Jousting Fields of Normandie

Announcing the Festival of St. Valentine
The Arch-Bishop of the abbey of St. Pierre cordially invites you to attend the Festival of St. Valentine, the opening of the jousting season begins on Jan 31st and culminates on Feb 14th is a grand feast for all participants. Interested Knights should submit their names for the lists no later than Friday Jan 30th. 

The prize pool will be photographed later today, but why delay? Join today! You can join by sending me your knight’s details by email at mike.davison317 AT The rules for knight generation can be found here.

You will need to join my Jousting Fields of Normandie G+ group to participate, I will invite you once you submit a knight if you are not already a member.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Drums in the Deep

I have resolved to focus on one personal project this year, and have chosen to go back to Dungeon Delving in Middle Earth. I am digging out my notes and working on a character creation pdf, though I am changing the name to "Drums in the Deep". 

Today I was thinking of articles I could write to support this, and one of those is the idea of playing as Orcs - always fun taking a turn as the bad guys. So, I have churned out a quick name generator that should give an ok sounding orc name. Roll a couple of d20's and name that orc!

Orc Name Generator
1d20 First Part of Name 2nd Part of Name
1 Bag bag
2 Baz bog
3 Bul bug
4 Dur cur
5 Gar dog
6 Grim dreg
7 Grish hook
8 Gur maggot
9 Hum nak
10 Jag rat
11 Kar retch
12 Kur rot
13 Lurg snot
14 Mug sod
15 Shag sot
16 Shug spew
17 Snag spit
18 Tor tooth
19 Yak torn
20 Zag urka

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Slumbering Ursine Dunes pdf now available

Chris Kutalik's slavic adventure module is now available on Driv Thru Rpg, and the print edition should be available in the coming weeks. I did the layout for this, and have been a part of the G+ Nefarious Nine gang that tromped all through this adventure over a couple of years - so I may be a little biased, but this adventure is fantastic and highly recommended.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Credit long over due.

It has come to my attention that a good deal of the magic items in Ruins & Ronin were supplied by Scot Hoover (kellri) at the Swords & Wizardry forums back in 2009. I have neglected giving him credit in the book, and must apologize for that oversight. Until I can re-work the credit page and get it sorted out, I have pulled the pdf & print option from Lulu for the time being.

My apologies to Scott, it was an honest oversight on my part.

Here is a link to the magic items he created (and they were some of the best).

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kids home game.

I promised the kids that I would run some D&D for them, they have already created 2 characters each (I told them to expect character death) and have started mapping a smallish dungeon. The dungeon is called the "Monster Plantation" - taken from a ride (now renamed) at Six Flags over Georgia (I worked there as a teenager).

The Monster Plantation was once the mansion of a mad-wizard known for his biological monstrosities. It is a ruined building in a old marshy area, a lowland where the Sweetwater creek flows.

To the north is the home castle-town of Mirah (our local city is Hiram Ga.), a small border castle of the Go'eriag kingdom. There are 6 banner castles of the kingdom. ;-)

Just south of the marsh in the grassy hills, is the small hobbit town called the Hill Shires (they are farmers), their Mayor/Sheriff is William Beau Boggins (commonly called Will-bo).

Recently a small tribe of bogglins (swamp goblins) have moved into the area and have stolen the giant queen bee of Will-bo's honey farm. He is providing a reward of 150gp to any individual that can return his queen bee.

The Bogglings have taken residence in level 1 of the dungeon and their chief  has a staff of animal charm (he has charmed the queen and she controls her small hive of giant bees). The staff has 2 charges left.

So level one has a small group of goblins, and giant bees. I am itching to run this for the kids, if they didn't have so much homework this week....