Sunday, April 6, 2014

Behold MOT, Lord of the Underworld.

I have started mapping my Underworld for my new project. A temple of Mot, razed by legions of Gorham when they sacked the city of Karnae years ago. Now the city is occupied by a legion from Gorham and the citizens seethe under the rough shod sandals of their Gorham overlords. Rumors tell of secret passages and chambers beneath the temple and fabulous treasures from the past ages of man.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Players map of the Pass of Cirith Ungol

Here is the player map for my Middle Earth campaign. This shows the almost abandoned city of Minas Ithil and the pass to Cirith Ungol into Mordor.

There are a couple of minor sites that are not shown on the map and will not be added until the players find them. (A few smaller dungeon sites, and of course the lair of a horrible giant spider).

Friday, February 28, 2014

Orcs & Goblins for Dungeon Crawling in Middle Earth

Presently two orcs came into view. One was clad in ragged brown and was armed with a bow of horn; it was of a small breed, black-skinned, with wide and snuffling nostrils: evidently a tracker of some kind. The other was a big fighting-orc, like those of Shagrat's company, bearing the token of the Eye. He also had a bow at his back and carried a short broad-headed spear. As usual they were quarrelling, and being of different breeds they used the Common Speech after their fashion.

Today we will look at the Orcs & Goblins of my Middle Earth. The orcs of the Misty Mountains were described as smaller and weaker of the orc tribes. While Mordor seemed to have the standard breed of orcs, and Saruman corrupted man and orc to create his Uruk-Hai (which will not be discussed here as they will not be around for my 1640 Third Age game).

Orcs / Goblins
Goblins are the Orcs of the Misty Mountains, smaller than their Mordor cousins. They are usually armed with curved scimitars, spears,and short bows. These will be the D&D “goblins” of the Holmes edition.  

 Orcs are the "true" orcs of Mordor, clad in black mail, larger and stronger than "goblins" of the Misty Mountains.  Armed with scimitars, spears, and bows. These are the “orcs” of Holmes D&D. Orcs - typical orcs of Mordor.

 Even in Mordor there are some variations of orcs, there are the "hunters" small creatures with extremely flat noses that are excellent trackers. These orcs will be represented by “kobold” stats from Holmes D&D, but they have the tracking ability of Rangers. 

So in summary, you can expect to encounter the following in or around Cirith Ungol, happy hunting:
Goblins - orcs of the Misty Mountains (weak, suffer in daylight).
Kobolds - weakest of Mordor orcs, hunters (sniffers).
Orcs - typical orcs of Mordor.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A few healing items for Dungeon Crawling in Middle Earth.

These items can be used to restore hit points in my Dungeon Crawling in Middle Earth (DCME) campaign, if you can find them.

Orc Draught - This liquid mash burns like any good stiff drink, but it also restores 1d3 hit points. (Once per day).

Dwarf Cram - This hard biscuit will provide 1 days nourishment, and restore 1d4 hit points. (Once per day).

Elf Lembas - The elf way-bread, also provides a days nourishment, and restores 1d6 hit points. (Once per day as well).

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First session of Dungeon Crawling in Middle Earth has been scheduled and a revision...

I am running the first session of my Middle Earth campaign on March 3rd at 9:30pm Eastern on google plus. Also, I have a revision to the campaign setup:

A slight change to the start / base area of this campaign. I initially said it was going to be based in Cirith Ungol - however that was a mistake. The base camp is the mostly abandoned city of Minas Ithil.

The dungeon is Cirith Ungol - and the pass to get to it. I will be posting a local "player" map later this week.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Middle Earth House Rules Document

I have compiled my character creation rules into a pdf for public consumption. These rules require the use of the Holmes edition of D&D for spells and other non-character related rules. You can find the rules here, or in my download sidebar.